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Strategic Development

Strategy development is the process of researching and identifying strategic options, collaborating on the best path, and determining the required resources to achieve the objective.


Strategic Development and planning is our passion! Our goal is to transform your vision into reality through an executable plan.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy is an iterative process. It is the experienced and insightful reflective synergy of art and science creating an articulate bridge from the present to the future, enabling the translation of ideas into action while addressing potential risks.

It is the path that takes us from where you are now to where you want to be.

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A strategic plan should not be a ‘shopping list’ of things we want but documenting decisions and choices. The strategic plan is a ‘big picture’ directional document enabling the strategy. A successful strategic planning effort is based on a clear understanding of the requirements, insight into the future, and necessary expertise to develop workable solutions.

Our collaborative approach enables us to leverage the creativity and innovative thinking of our multidisciplinary staff to consistently deliver customized executable plans.

Our services include

  • Theater Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
  • Military Installation Innovation Integration
  • Base of the Future Advisory Services
  • Owner’s Agent
  • SATAF / Mission Beddown Planning
  • Strategic Program Execution Planning