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PRiME Associates was founded in 2014 by a group of seasoned military officers and DoD civilians, each with varied and complementary expertise. They shared a common skill- problem identification and solutions specific to DoD operational and engineering challenges in the overseas and domestic arenas.

Prime is not limited by a physical location; we maximize the use of collaborative technologies to maintain proper balance and cost.  This allows us to incorporate and leverage the talents of a team of extraordinary individuals from around the world and then assemble at the decisive point for impressive results.

Our Logo

When we established our company, we wanted to focus on deriving unique solutions by applying lessons learned yet being open to other possibilities. Lessons learned having been garnered from careers that encompass military, government civilian, and private sector large businesses.

Through our logo, we wanted to capture an image that is not only an icon for ideas, but also a reminder of human’s drive for transformation. Illumination in the world began naturally from the sun, the moon, the stars – then the light was captured with lanterns and candles, eventually into gas lights, the incandescent light bulb and now LEDs.

The concept continues to evolve and improve: Lasting longer, burning brighter; being safer to the environment.  Continually studied for future visions and efficiencies to enhance our civilization and perhaps the next…

PRiME’s business model and team strives to transform your visions into reality.


The PRiME Team has extensive Army – Navy – Air Force senior level leadership experiences which provides insight and understanding of Stakeholder requirements and concerns – because we have been there!

Forward Thinking
Status Quo Challenging
Innovation Incorporating
Continuous Learning

Our strategic focus enables us to provide tailored, actionable plans that solve your problems.

Our strategic focus enables us to provide tailored, actionable plans that solve your problems. We collaborate, alongside your team, with the view of establishing a ‘one-team’ approach. We firmly believe the journey is as important as the outcome as it provides a common operation picture for all involved.

The PRiME Team is small, agile, and thrives in the Integrated Delivery Team (IDT) environment. The Team is motivated to continue to solve challenges and contribute to U.S. activities and relations – we want to continue our record of public service. PRiME is available today to mobilize, integrate, and assist your team in enabling smart solutions.


President and CEO