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Environmental Planning

We have team members that are on the forefront of establishing Environmental Planning and Policy for the Department of Defense.


Our experts provide environmental services to advance the common goal of being good stewards of the environment and abiding by regulatory guidance, particularly in the overseas arena.

Policy and Oversight

There are subtle nuances in environmental guidance and compliance for the DoD with regards to being in the CONUS and being OCONUS. We have experienced team members that have worked within these parameters successfully.

We understand the international program in ESOH being responsible for establishing policy and oversight of DOD overseas environmental programs to ensure the sustainability of operations and mission support.


We have experience in negotiations for overseas U.S basing, stationing, and presence agreements. Our unique experiential set includes reviewing the performance of the Military Departments’ environmental policy and programs overseas.

Balancing mission with the environment is critical in an ever-changing world.

Our services include

  • Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance
  • Environmental Security Cooperation
  • Coastal Resilience and Sustainability
  • NEPA Planning
  • Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement