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The Programme Management Office oversaw a  multi-billion mega-program consisting of 11 major projects to delivering a state-of-the-art integrated rail network. This required setting up the initial strategic governance structures, PMO roles and responsibilities, and oversight practices.

Team members had key roles in leading the PMO diverse functions and integration to include reporting, program controls,  and governance



Middle East
Strategic Development; Projects & Programs
Strategic Governance; Program Management

With 11 different mega projects, data collection, analysis and integration to provide a holistic assessment of schedule and cost metrics and actionable information to senior leaders.

Leadership included many senior executives of multiple nationalities and experiential sets requiring the development of a Reporting and Governance structure that could communicate program progress in a deliberate and effective manner.

Strategic Governance

  • Developed a new methodology for measuring progress in a standard and synchronized manner
  • Developed a deliberate strategic communications plan fostering awareness at all senior levels

Program Management

  • Developed a more comprehensive plan for assessing project progress into overall program measurement
  • Developed cost and schedule courses of actions with recommendations
  • Normalized inputs and requirements for 5 culturally diverse general contractor submittals
  • Implemented a strategic education program to ensure understanding of progress reporting and key performance indicators
  • Within three months, redefined and simplified program management practices established more effective governance. Established credibility at multiple levels.
  • All subordinate Project Management Offices demonstrated a dramatic improvement in schedule, cost and quality KPI metrics.
  • The organization established a fully vetted and standardized monthly reporting program.
  • Executives garnered real time and standard information fostering awareness and timely decisions
  • Client recognized the PMO for exceptional monthly reports which had matured from a collection of disparate pieces of information to comprehensive¬† analyzed program.