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The Host Nation goal is to expand and modernize critical facilities on AUAB to contribute to the success of all forces on the installation.  The capital investment will enable a shared future vision and a solid strategic partnership for security and stability in the region. New modern facilities and resilient infrastructure will transform this warfighting platform to rival the best air bases in the world, a Base-of-the-Future



US and Qatar Armed Forces
Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar
Strategic Development; Projects & Programs
Strategic Infrastructure Master Plans; Program Management; Stakeholder Management; Owner’s Agent


The dynamic nature of AUAB’s mission highlights a critical limiting factor: the current expeditionary infrastructure and facilities require constant effort to sustain the mission tempo or to support growth. There is limited ability to support current and future surge operations. Initially constructed as a temporary base, many facilities are obsolete, unreliable, and expensive to operate and maintain. Permanent construction and infrastructure upgrades need to be planned and executed deliberately to ensure success in the  program .

Strategic Master Plan (SMP)

  • Provide a programmatic methodology for a long-term, phased execution strategy of capability requirements in concert with long-term budgetary considerations.
  • SMP outlines delivery of facilities and associated capabilities to enable the mission

Stakeholder Management

  • Developed communications process and procedures to keep Qatar and US military decision makers informed and proactive

Program Management

  • Developed terms of reference and governance approach to facilitate project delivery and maintain program progress
  • Published the terms of reference and governance in the bilaterally agreed to Strategic Master Plan
  • Developed M1391 for 160 projects (440+ facilities); bilaterally agreed to M1391 locked scope for the projects

Owner’s Agent

  • Assisted in the de-confliction of US Uniform Facility Criteria (UFC) and host nation codes and requirements
  • Developed win-win solutions that met Qatar and US goals and objectives


  • A precedent-setting HN funded Strategic Master Plan enabling modern facilities which enhance the primary mission and increase the capability for personnel and aircraft surge capacity into the future
  • The overall program is ongoing and will enhance mission capabilities
  • Set the conditions and the foundation for innovation and a Base-of-the-Future