U.S. Theater Security Cooperation

U.S. Theater Security Cooperation


U.S. Theater Security Cooperation



– Effectiveness of engineer engagement programs in Africa

– Peer Reviews and Lessons Learned Research

– Development of Key Performance Indicators

Services Provided: Development, planning, and execution of an organizational assessment to recommend a concept for a whole of government approach to Theater Security Cooperation, specifically the engineer programs for construction and environmental education and training. Development of KPI measurement of program development and success.

Client: US Government (U.S. Africa Command)

Challenge: U.S. Africa Command was a new entity and the U.S. Department of Defense wanted to establish a joint command that was inclusive of all U.S. Agencies to enable the execution of U.S. policy in Africa.

Solution: Team members were directly responsible and accountable for the development of the inaugural engineer program (construction and environmental education and training) to support and enable the execution of the Theater Security Cooperation Program. Required extensive peer organization review to incorporate effective techniques and to provide a high return on resource investment.   Developed KPIs to measure the program effectiveness and a strategic communications and implementation strategy.  Developed and implemented the OSD Defense Environmental International Cooperation (DEIC) program for U.S. Africa Command and U.S. European Command for environmental engagements projects.

Results and Outcomes

Developed a whole of government approach that led to partnerships and quality of life improvements and achieved the first Theater Security Cooperation successes in Africa.   The environmental education program received unprecedented support from the Department of Defense and Department of State as well as Congressional funding.

KPIs  proven as accurate baseline measure of effectiveness and impact; continue to measure engineer contributions to the TSC program and implemented in the U.S. Forces Korea engineer program.