Theater Infrastructure Master Plan (TMP)

Theater Infrastructure Master Plan (TMP)


Theater Infrastructure Master Plan (TMP)


– Documented clear and concise Commander’s vision and guidance

– Provided comprehensive self assessment

– Justified infrastructure investment and support

Services Provided: The Theater Infrastructure Master Plan (TMP) is a comprehensive assessment of  facility and infrastructure requirements for a region/location to enable the execution of the commander’s vision.

Client: U.S. European Command, U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Forces Korea

Challenge: Combatant Commanders have competing requirements for limited facility and infrastructure investment resources within the Joint Service Components (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Special Forces).

Solution: PR!ME Team members reviewed the Posture Statement and numbered operational/contingency plans to determine the optimal base locations and associated infrastructure. The Team worked with the Service Components for site surveys and base mission assessments. They determined the capability gap and the associated infrastructure/facilities required to enable execution of the commander’s strategy. The team developed unconstrained courses of action and developed realistic recommendations based on financial constraints. Executive summaries were developed from the comprehensive plans to give decision makers the information they needed to make informed decisions. The Team proposed a 1~N list of projects based on objective criteria and available funding programs.

Results and Outcomes

The development of the Theater Infrastructure Master Plans provided commanders a holistic assessment of infrastructure requirements, current assets to meet those requirements and the operational gap.  The TMP identified and prioritized an execution plan for individual projects and the associated resourcing avenues.

The Theater Master Plan gave commands a better self assessment and justified to the Department of Defense and Congress the mission associated facility requirement gap and garnered resource support for the construction of critical facilities and infrastructure.