Rail Program Management Office (Reporting)

Rail Program Management Office (Reporting)


Qatar Rail Program Management Office (Reporting)

Qatar Rail Program Management Office (Reporting)



Comprehensive Report Management $32B Prog

Diverse staff function integration/improvement

Project and Program assessment, cost/schedule recommendations

Services Provided: Reporting Management Team for the Rail Program Management Office which provided program management oversight for the $32B rail project.

Client: A ~$32B Rail Development Program Organization.

Challenge: With 11 different mega projects, data collection, analysis and integration to provide a holistic assessment of schedule and cost metrics and actionable information to client’s senior leaders.

Solution: The core of the Program Management Office (PMO) was the Reporting Team.  The Reporting Team gathered information and validated 5 general contractor submittals to provide the client monthly actionable information to make programmatic cost and schedule decisions.  The Team proved extremely effective at normalizing the inputs and requirements for 5 culturally diverse general contractors.  This required the implementation of a strategic communications/education program as well as exceptional stakeholder management skills.

Results and Outcomes

Program management and reporting methodology was redefined and simplified with the establishment of new governance.  The organization now has a fully vetted, standardized monthly reporting program.  The changes ensured the executives had real time and standard information to allow for timely decisions and fosters situational awareness and understanding at all the senior levels.

The client recognized the PMO for exceptional monthly reports which matured from a collection of information to a thorough analysis providing timely and actionable information enabling proactive decisions.