Program Management Excellence Assessment

Program Management Excellence Assessment


Program Management Excellence Assessment


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Diverse staff function integration/improvement

Program Management Maturity Assessment for a Mega-Program PMO

Services Provided: Program Management Maturity and Management Assessment; Program Management Best Practice Identification; Program Management Enhancement (Reporting and Governance Structure)

Client: A ~$32B Rail Development Program Organization.

Challenge: With 11 different mega projects, integration into an overall program was difficult. Project execution was slowing up and cost of program delivery was increasing.

Solution: The company empowered their Program Management Office (PMO) to perform an evaluation and gap analysis of the current state of affairs and provide guidance in organizational enhancement. Team members were directly responsible and accountable as the team lead for the PMO and presented an overall assessment of where the maturity of program management was on a scale of 1-5, a list of best practices to be utilized going forward, and an implementation road map for program management improvements to help prevent further deterioration in execution.

Results and Outcomes

Within three months, Program management methodology was redefined and simplified with new governance being established. The organization now has a fully vetted, standardized program governance and methodology for all future activities. Implementing methodology changes ensured the executives had real time and standard information to allow for timely decisions and foster awareness at all the senior levels.

As a result of the implementation of the new methodology, all Project Management Offices demonstrated a dramatic improvement in schedule, cost and quality KPI metrics.