Strategic Program Development

Strategic Infrastructure

Master Plan

Strategic Assessment

Development & Alignment

Engineering Program & Project Management

Stakeholder Management

Owner’s Agent

Design and Construction Management

Environmental Program Management

Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance

Environmental Security (Policy & Planning)

PRiME is a unique team of Associates who are experts in problem solving, comprehensive solution development and execution planning who deliver proffessional Strategic Program Development, Engineering Program and Project Management, and Environmental Program Management.


Your International and Overseas Consultant of Choice!

PRiME Associates, LLC – Who We Are…

PRiME Associates, LLC was founded when a group of diverse military veterans identified the need for a team of experienced knowledgeable professionals with the ability to provide unique & customized solutions. PRiME members thrive in the Integrated Delivery Team (IDT) environment and are motivated to continue to solve problems and contribute to U.S activities and relations.

Seasoned Expertise – Unique team of associates with exceptional capabilities and strategic mindset.

Results Driven – international and interagency performance improvement and accomplishment

Adaptive Agility – mobilize our custom delivery team for your project and to meet your needs